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refurbishment of a single family house in west london

all photos © storp_weber_architecture

UCL BARTLETT: royal ear hospital entrance pod

photos: James Champion 

refurbishment of the old Royal Ear Hospital in London, Huntley Street for the UCL Bartlett MArch Design and Urban Design Studios: entrance area, lecture hall, exhibition space, design studio spaces, bar...

model photos, project team:
georgina halabi, vasilis illchuk, yu me kashino

Daniel Preston, Object Solution,


refurbishment and extension of a house in archway.
2012 - 2013
on site

house 42_refurbishment

Refurbishment of a house in Kensington.
Project 2010-2011
Planning stage

house 1a_drawings

Blind Spot House_1a
detached single family house at the edge of the black forest
achern, germany

Blind Spot House 1a

The site for the house is on a steep hill overlooking the Rhine valley. Being blessed with extreme views to the far horizon towards France on one side, along the Rhine valley on the other side and towards the Black forest Mountains on the back, the site is as well in close proximity to three existing houses at the adjoining sites.

This complex grid of great views and deliberate blind spots dictated a series of walls hiding the neighbouring buildings and openings giving an almost unlimited and unobstructed view across the landscape towards the horizon.

Each room gets a specific view. Blinkers around the windows create an even deeper section of the wall, blocking out views and shading the rooms at the same time.

The house changes the site as little as possible. All the surfaces on the outside are either grass-concrete blocks or a green roof with less than 10% of the surfaces sealed. Heated through an air-source heating pump and highly insulated walls, floors and ceiling it is built to German Passive House standard.

In the interior the whole house is only one big room stretching over three levels. All the floors are natural grey slate or natural oak. All concrete in the house is left visible.

Site:             2190sqm
Living Area:      110sqm

Location:         Achern-Fautenbach, Germany
Design:           2005-2007
Build:            2008-2010
Landscaping:      2010-2011



ground floor refurbishment and extension of a one family house in fulham


Refurbishment of Flat in a converted school in Prince Charles Road, Camden, London

Two versions of the furniture piece containing a bathroom, an utility room and a bookshelf.